Linux and growth of Internet

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sun Jan 16 12:04:35 2005

On Jan 16 2005, 7:18, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> > I built a similar setup a few months ago, but I used the Microsoft
> > TCP/IP stuff on top of DOS 6.22. It was easy to set up, and now I
> > telnet, FTP, ICMP (some stacks don't support that), and the whole
> > uses DHCP and mounts drives from my Samba server.
> Showoff. ;)
> Did you use LAN Mangler, er, Manager, or something else?

Nope, I used the "Microsoft Network Client 3", which comes as a couple
of DOS disks. I seem to remember having to update one of the files,
and add a driver from a 3Com disk. Even so, it only took an hour or so
to download and set up, including at least one false start, and some
messing with HIMEM. I spent maybe an hour more messing with things to
save as much space as possible. If anybody wants to try it, I
bookmarked the webpage I found most helpful:

IPX/SPX are banned from my networks, so obviously I only installed the
TCP/IP stuff.

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