Linux and growth of Internet

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sun Jan 16 12:08:25 2005

On Jan 16 2005, 7:40, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> The MS TCP/IP stack works surprisingly well. The setup program is
easy to
> use and fairly powerful, and the accessibility you get on a DOS box
> really good. It has support for a number of NICs (including the
> NE1000 and NE2000). And most of the modules can be loaded high,
> your main memory for applications. I can mount WinXP drives on my
> DOS box would full read/write access. You don't get long filenames,
> course, but you can still access any file because of the "stem" that
> puts in the filesystem to convert long names to 8.3.

Yes, that's pretty much how I set it up, except I don't publish shares
on Windows machines; I use samba instead. The MS client does
everything I want to do with DOS, and you can upgrade the support for
NICs by adding drivers, too.

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