Nickel Metal Hydrids

From: John Allain <>
Date: Mon Jan 17 15:03:24 2005

> Most NiCads batteries would not recover from such a level.

How should NiCads be stored?
Sounds line 0v is a terrible idea.
I usually put them away at normal discharge,
about .8-1.0v and then charge a few hours before
next use.
All I really know is that:
 o. 300 recharges is about all you can expect, and
 o. topping off is no good

My guess is that unused NiCads could reach 0v
after a year or two on the shelf. If you restore a
collectable and then shelve it for 10 years only
to find it's dead _again_ it won't be gratifying.

It might not be worth sweating this detail, however.
I have noticed that NiMH prices have gone down
about half over the last 5 years.

John A.
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