Anyone recognize MK4116E ?

From: Dave Dunfield <>
Date: Mon Jan 17 15:08:36 2005

Hi Guys,

Still happily rooting through my big pile of ju.. er,
"Fine high quality vintage material".

Hit upon a big box full of assorted parts, ICs, etc.

found a couple of white-ceramic 8080s, some keyboard
encoders (also white-ceramic), lots of ROMs, RAMs
(some very old), lots of interface logic, some disk
controllers (including several 1793s which I needed
but never did get around to ordering), and lots of
other oddball stuff, including:

about a dozen interesting looking chips, which are
labled: MK4116E-3

This appear to be a 9-pin DIP ceramic carrier with
two smaller chips mounted on-top - each of the smaller
chips has the MK4116E-3 designation. The smaller chips
also have 9 pins, however they are not DIP but rather in
a 4, 5, 4, 5 arrangement all the way around the device.

Anyone recognize these? My guess is some sort of RAM
(dynamic)? Clearly not the same as a standard 4116 DRAM.

Don't recall having seen these before (although a fair
bit of trivia has drained away from the memory array
over the years) - anyone know what they were used in?

Still inventorying the documenation but I should have a
complete list soon. Lots of S-100 hardware, NorthStar
software and TRS-80 documents. Did find an original of
David Ahl's "101 Basic Computer Games" published by DEC
in 1973 (this one is from the 1974 2nd printing).

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