Anyone recognize MK4116E ?

From: Dave Dunfield <>
Date: Mon Jan 17 21:27:58 2005

At 17:16 17/01/2005 -0800, you wrote:
>Dave wrote:
>> about a dozen interesting looking chips, which are
>> labled: MK4116E-3
>That's the part number of the individual CLCC chips, not
>the complete part. The complete part is an MK4332.

This makes sense, and you are right, both parts are labled
identically... I can't find a "whole device" part number.

>> This appear to be a 9-pin DIP ceramic carrier with
>18 pin

Yes - I counted one side and failed to x2 before posting.

>18 contact each, of which only 16 are used. Those are
>plain old 16K DRAMs.
>> Anyone recognize these? My guess is some sort of RAM
>> (dynamic)? Clearly not the same as a standard 4116 DRAM.
>Just two of them packaged together.

So this is a 32k bit DRAM device? (which explains the 18
pins) - I don't recall running across such a beast before.
Been through *LOTS* of 4116 16K DIP DRAMS, and an equally
big number of 4164s over the years...

Actually, now that I think of it, I do have a bag of the
"doubled up" RAM chips from a IBM AT - these look like
two 4116's stacked on top of each other - so these are just
a variation of the same thing ...?

>> anyone know what they were used in?
>Some PC clones. Some Apple IIIs. Various other stuff.


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