Anyone recognize MK4116E ?

From: Dave Dunfield <>
Date: Mon Jan 17 21:38:59 2005

Hi tony,

>Are there any other markings on them? I remember once seeing some Mostek
>'chips' like these that had 2 off 4164s on top, and were essentially 128K
>bit DRAMs (separate CAS signals to the 2 halves IIRC).

Yes, they are Mostek - and I recall the stacked 4164's in the IBM AT - I just
posted that they were 4116s, but thats due to bad bits in the organic memory
array - you just reminded me that they were 4164's - allowing 512K on the
256K board - ahh the days of such huge capacity...

>I wondef if you've found a 32K bit version made from 2 off 4116s.

It does appear that this is what these things are ...

IIRC, there was a similar stacked arrangement for SRAM chips in the Radio
Shack (Kyocera) Model-100 - the "8k" device was actually 4 x 2k devices on
a small carrier - problem was that they brought out the 4 selects instead
of address lines, so you couldn't just put in an 8k device - I bought a
third party RAM chip which had an 8k device on a small board with some
diodes to generate a common select (the extra address lines must have been
there as well, because there was no other logic on the board) - seemed a
skunkwork design to me, however it never gave me trouble (in fact it's
still working).

What wonderful little things get created to fill in the "gaps" in available

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