Data General 4/X haul from Bakersfield

From: John Allain <>
Date: Tue Jan 18 09:06:05 2005

> So now my lab is at 120% (physical) capacity,

Interested to know how you set the 100% point.
If we used the RCS/RI as a guide, it could be said
to be at 94% floor capacity, based on observations
back in 2001, where if it reached 100% you'd have to
walk across the tops of the cabinets, IE the 6% is the
footpaths. If you used that measure, then 120% would
be saying that all the cabinets were squashed in to 9/10
their dimensions.

So, what's 120% to you?

PS: I'm currently trying to pack my cellar to 50%.
    Thanks to Steve Jones for the warning about
    weather&randomness, water&paper.

John A.
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