Data General 4/X haul from Bakersfield

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Wed Jan 19 00:33:33 2005

On Tue, 18 Jan 2005, John Allain wrote:

> Interested to know how you set the 100% point.
> If we used the RCS/RI as a guide, it could be said
> to be at 94% floor capacity, based on observations
> back in 2001, where if it reached 100% you'd have to
> walk across the tops of the cabinets, IE the 6% is the
> footpaths. If you used that measure, then 120% would
> be saying that all the cabinets were squashed in to 9/10
> their dimensions.

Huh?!!$% :-)

A very specific sense of fullness. Sans crap stacked on the floor.
I now have much stacked on floor. I ruthlessly purge to maintain
99% capacity. The NOVA4 is temporary in the sense that it'll get
decrufted, deextraneized, organized, manualstackedized, after
deduplication, excision of two racks, and likely something
previously existing will no longer.
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