Another bad PET rom! - and more UPS

From: Dave Dunfield <>
Date: Tue Jan 18 21:28:57 2005

Hi Guys,

Had a PET 2001-8N arrive a couple of days ago - non-functional
but in otherwise very nice cosmetic condition.

At first I thought it was missing a ROM, as there were only 4
ROMs in the machine, however after looking at them I realized
that it has BASIC 2 installed which is one ROM smaller than
BASIC 4 which is what is in my virtually identical 2001-32N.

Bit of debugging, and I discovered that the problem was ---
yes! - yet another bad PET rom! - fortunately, it was the EDIT
ROM which is the only 2K device, and hence the only device which
can be directly replaced with a more commonly available 2716.
(CS3 which is tied to +5 in the PET lines up with VPP, CS1 lines
up with -OE, and A11 which is always low on accesses to EDIT ROM
lines up with -CE). Programmed a 2716, dropped it in and up it

Now on to UPS ---

I *NEVER* use UPS - not only do they usually break things, but
they charge horrendous brokerage fees to import from the US to

Case in point - in spite of my explicitly telling him NOT to send
via UPS - they guy sent it UPS ... Apparently because they agreed
to pack it for him.

To their credit, they did a non-bad job - the PET was wrapped in
about 5 layers of bubble wrap, and then placed in a large box
stuffed with plastic peanuts - much as I dislike PP's, the bubble
wrap protected the machine from getting filled with lots of little
styrofoam bits and seemed to keep it fairly centered in the box.
- the machine arrived in excellent condition, although the cost
for UPS packing and shipping was higher than I had agreed to.

So - it arrives at my door with a bill for an additional $42 ---
thats what UPS charged to provide customs with the declaration that
he had filled out.

... I *NEVER* use UPS!

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