no more UPS!

From: chris <>
Date: Tue Jan 18 22:59:34 2005

>Use DHL. Their rates are highly competitive with both UPS and Fedex and
>they seem to be saturating the streets with their bright yellow trucks.
>I'm increasingly moving my business over to DHL since they seem to want it

I'll wait to see how others fair with DHL... they bought Airborne
Express, which was simply THE ABSOLUTE WORST carrier there was... cheap
as hell, but you got exactly what you paid for.

I never had a good experience with Airborne. And after boycotting them
for years, I gave in and let a guy ship me an item Airborne since he
insisted they were the best (even after relaying the many many stories I
had of destroy and/or delayed and/or lost packages)... low and behold,
the box came in ripped to pieces with manuals hanging out the largest of
the holes.

No, thanks, I'll wait on DHL until I know for sure that all the Airborne
people were fired.

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