no more UPS!

From: chris <>
Date: Tue Jan 18 22:59:34 2005

>and we dumped the arrogant schmucks
>after 90 days of frustration, wrong billing, stupidity, lost/damaged
>[expensive: $150K] items

Er, Yup... UPS lost a weeks worth of packages on me. About 150 packages
shipped over the course of a week, all via 2 day service... not a one
showed up in their system, and to this day, not a one has been located.

Best guess I can come up with, the driver was picking them up from the
drop box, and just throwing them out all week.

UPS's response... "Oh, well, if we can't find them in the system, then we
can't track them. Are you sure you shipped them?" Upside... at least they
never tried to charge me for the missing packs.

But that is still better then Airborne used to do... overnight packs
would be delayed, I'd call to find out the status, and they would tell me
"it is scheduled for delivery tomorrow" (hmm... define OVERNIGHT). Next
day would come, no package... I'd call again, and be told "no such
package exists in the system" (hmmm... it was there YESTERDAY, when it
should have been HERE!). Following day comes... package shows up, looking
like a mountain lion tried to snack on it.

That was just about every package I got from Airborne Express... which
alas, all the early Mac Catalog dealers insisted on shipping via, so I
was stuck dealing with them far longer then I wanted.

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