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Date: Wed Jan 19 05:17:02 2005

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> I've been in the mail order biz, and can't really say that USPS
> actually lost things. I know customers used it as an excuse
> though. They perform the amazing feat of taking a 1 oz. letter
> hand addressed and deliver it anywher in the US for 37 freaking
> cents! I have not had a letter lost, in either direction, in my
> memory. I've got a couple mangled by auto equipment, delivered in
> a plastic envelope. Shit Happens.

Heh. Try the British answer to USPS - Royal Mail. I've had them mangle,
misdeliver, lose and downright destroy stuff before. Case in point: a PC I/O
card. ESD-safe bag, four layers of that pink bubble-wrap on all sides, and
a Jiffy bag. They mangled the Jiffy bag, and managed to do major damage to
the bubble wrap. The address label was still just about readable (thankfully
the first line of the address and the postcode survived), but there was a
huge hole right through the Jiffy bag and into the PCB. Needless to say, the
board didn't survive.

Second case in point: an Acorn A4 laptop. Six layers of bubble-wrap, plus
newspaper as filler. They managed to rip one side of the box open (bear in
mind I reinforced it with two layers of packing tape beforehand), there was a
load of newspaper missing, and the LCD had been mangled. I tried to get a
claim form off them (the machine was sent Special Delivery, so it was insured
for ?250) and spoke to a rather rude call-centre droid who told me in no
uncertain terms to go take a running jump. I asked to speak to said droid's
supervisor and she hung up on me. In the end, it turned out the recipient was
fairly experienced with SMD soldering, so he rebuilt the LCD (a few FPCs had
detached from the PCB) and saved me faffing around with RM.

I'd also like to know how they managed to destroy a 6GB Toshiba laptop hard
drive that was sent in a hard drive shipping box (2-inch foam on all

Don't even get me started on ParcelForce... They're even worse than Royal

Same applies to ANC too - they delivered a large parcel to the wrong address
(not just a few doors away, half a mile away). Had the guy who signed for it
not been as honest as he was, I would likely have been out ?90 and had
nothing to show for it. I called ANC and was told to "f**k off and die, it's
not [their] problem".

> I've found that the 2nd-tier carriers -- DHL and the like -- to be
> utterly HORRIBLE. They're fine at the normal case -- but if
> anything goes wrong they collapse. Took three days to get a
> package deliverd to the UCI campus -- most recently -- they
> "couldn't find" UC Irvine, even though it has a half dozen ZIP
> codes, dozens of streets, etc.

The word "incompetence" just doesn't cover it, does it? :)

IME, UPS have been pretty good so far, as have FedEx (they subcontract out to
Business Post in the UK)

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