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From: Joe R. <>
Date: Wed Jan 19 19:55:52 2005

At 11:02 PM 1/18/05 -0500, you wrote:
> >John Lawson wrote:
>> >On Tue, 18 Jan 2005, Jay West wrote:
>>> I'm boycotting UPS. I walked out of there about foaming at the mouth.
>> And just what part of "FedEx" didn't you understand earlier??
>> Honestly, I avoid UPS whenever possible - our company had a UPS
>> account because the salesman did a song-and-dance for the accountant
>> (who doesn't have anything to do with shipping...) and we dumped the
>> arrogant schmucks after 90 days of frustration, wrong billing,
>> stupidity, lost/damaged [expensive: $150K] items - coupled with the
>> most interesting take on 'customer service' since PayPal.
>Jerome Fine replies:
>While I agree that FedEx is far better than UPS, I
>personally know of a big mess because the driver
>stated that the receiver had signed a waiver allowing
>the driver to leave the shipment without a signature.
>When FedEx admitted that they did NOT have such a
>waiver on file, the mess started to clear. However,
>that should NOT have happened in the first place.
>I suggest that with anything important or valuable,
>be sure and insist that the driver obtain a valid
>signature from the receiver and that the package
>NOT be left without a signature from the specified

   I've got news for you. They're still delivering items without a
signature even when the shipper insists that only the designated reciever
sign for it. My son is in the USMC and stationed at Aberdeen Proving
Grounds in Maryland. He just ordered a $3000 laptop computer. The
manufacturer/seller shipped it via FedEx and insisted that only he could
sign for it. But the FedEx driver had a John Doe sign for it and just left
it in the day room of his barracks. He was very lucky to have found it (8+
hours later!) before it walked off. That was less than a week ago.

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