Good news, bad news... Amiga News!

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Thu Jan 20 11:43:16 2005

The manager of a local radio station here _years_ ago was going to sell me
2 Amiga 1200s he was no longer using, as he had an Amiga 4000T as his (and
his wife's) main computer. At that time, he'd mentioned that he'd never
give up the 4000T. For over 6 months after the initial meeting, I'd tried
to contact him to no avail, so eventually I gave up...

The other day, I was asked if I could repair a Win2K setup on a laptop
without requiring to reformat for him and was asked how much it would cost:
I said "One of your Amigas." He'd said "sure." I was rather expecting one
of the 1200's, but the bad news seems to be that they are probably no
longer around (but I don't know for sure) and it turns out the Amiga he
agreed to give me is the 4000T, but he needs to get some personal info off
of it first, and doesn't have (or cannot find) a keyboard or mouse for it.

I have a mouse for my Atari ST that's switchable to Amiga, but I cannot
locate it right now...

ePay doesn't seem to have too much, most of which is in the UK, so shipping
might get 1) expensive and 2) rather slow. I found some adapters that would
allow PS/2 mice to be used on them, would this be a good idea?

So, anyone have any idears where I could pick up a working, reasonably
priced keyboard/mouse set -- or is it 'nature of the beast' that the
peripherals are expensive? -- would an Amiga 2000 or 3000T keyboard work on
the 4000T?

Or: Can standard PS/2 keyboards be 'rewired' for use on them, or is it a
totally different protocol? I have *many* of these at my disposal, and
trashing a few for testing would be no big deal to me... ;-)

Thanks one and all,
Roger "Merch" Merchberger

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