Good news, bad news... Amiga News!

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Date: Thu Jan 20 12:09:05 2005

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Subject: Good news, bad news... Amiga News!

> The manager of a local radio station here _years_ ago was going to sell me
> 2 Amiga 1200s he was no longer using, as he had an Amiga 4000T as his (and
> his wife's) main computer. At that time, he'd mentioned that he'd never
> give up the 4000T. For over 6 months after the initial meeting, I'd tried
> to contact him to no avail, so eventually I gave up...
> The other day, I was asked if I could repair a Win2K setup on a laptop
> without requiring to reformat for him and was asked how much it would
> I said "One of your Amigas." He'd said "sure." I was rather expecting one
> of the 1200's, but the bad news seems to be that they are probably no
> longer around (but I don't know for sure) and it turns out the Amiga he
> agreed to give me is the 4000T, but he needs to get some personal info off
> of it first, and doesn't have (or cannot find) a keyboard or mouse for it.
> I have a mouse for my Atari ST that's switchable to Amiga, but I cannot
> locate it right now...
> ePay doesn't seem to have too much, most of which is in the UK, so
> might get 1) expensive and 2) rather slow. I found some adapters that
> allow PS/2 mice to be used on them, would this be a good idea?
> So, anyone have any idears where I could pick up a working, reasonably
> priced keyboard/mouse set -- or is it 'nature of the beast' that the
> peripherals are expensive? -- would an Amiga 2000 or 3000T keyboard work
> the 4000T?
> Or: Can standard PS/2 keyboards be 'rewired' for use on them, or is it a
> totally different protocol? I have *many* of these at my disposal, and
> trashing a few for testing would be no big deal to me... ;-)
> Thanks one and all,
> Roger "Merch" Merchberger
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This site has the specs for just about anything Amiga related (hardware).

The 4000T uses a 5 pin DIN plug for a keyboard (same as the Amiga 2000) and
can be found on eBay used for $20 + shipping.
The 4000 Desktop uses a PS/2 type plug but is not PS/2 compatible.

If you want a decent keyboard for the 4000T I suggest a Northgate Omnikey
Ultra (I use this on my 2000), it has switches for using it on a multiple
machines including the Amiga. Of course it will cost quite a bit more then
$20 on eBay.
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