Windows crashing, was Re: Bill Gates: Teen Heart-throb!

From: Jim Leonard <>
Date: Thu Jan 20 19:52:47 2005

Jules Richardson wrote:
> I ran Win 2k for a bit and that was sort-of-OK stability-wise, but it
> ate a *lot* of memory. Plus it still suffered from the gradual
> destruction which I hate about all Windows flavours; as the system was
> used it seemed to gradually slow down and eat up more disk space of its
> own accord (presumably registry bloat, disk caches etc.)

Yes, this is affectionally known as Microsoft Cancer. I once contracted
Microsoft Cancer on a Win98 box that manifested itself in GDI somewhere. The
end result was that I could no longer drag icons. I could delete them,
right-click on them, double-click, etc. -- just not drag. In fact, I couldn't
drag anything at all. Being a personal computer user since early 1980s, I just
adapted and used keys for everything. But you want to know the worst part?
The part that really got me steamed? A week later it was working again and I
hadn't done a goddamn thing!!! THAT pissed me off so much that I reloaded the
entire machine. Did I learn my lesson? No; I reloaded with XP.

Unfortunately, Windows is the only platform you can seriously tinker with video
without spending an arm and a leg for professional solutions; Linux support
still isn't there, and Mac is too expensive (and nobody but windows has
avisynth and virtualdub). So I stay on Windows, for now.
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