Windows crashing, was Re: Bill Gates: Teen Heart-throb!

From: Jim Leonard <>
Date: Thu Jan 20 19:55:16 2005

Cameron Kaiser wrote:
>>>I still miss my previous Win 3.11 laptop to be honest, but the limit in
>>>screen resolution on that became the factor in forcing an upgrade. It
>>>felt a lot more responsive than any other Windows machine I've used,
>>>despite the 486 CPU.
>>You CAN run Windoze 3.1 as a task on 95! (although running it on 6.2x is
> Does that mean just PROGMAN.EXE, or the whole noodle, kernel (such as it is)
> and all, as a virtual instance?

You can run 3.0 in real mode, because that's essentially just another DOS app.
  3.1 only has standard and enhanced mode, and enhanced mode does not work
IIRC, and standard mode can't access more than 16MB of RAM (286 code only).
It's more of a "gee whiz" trick than anything useful.
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