Windows crashing, was Re: Bill Gates: Teen Heart-throb!

From: John Foust <>
Date: Thu Jan 20 20:23:49 2005

At 03:12 AM 1/20/2005, Jules Richardson wrote:
>I ran Win 2k for a bit and that was sort-of-OK stability-wise, but it
>ate a *lot* of memory. Plus it still suffered from the gradual
>destruction which I hate about all Windows flavours; as the system was
>used it seemed to gradually slow down and eat up more disk space of its
>own accord (presumably registry bloat, disk caches etc.)

And it's only getting worse. Windows creates zillions of temp
files for its Internet cache, then loses track of the folders and
wastes hundreds of megs on typical systems. Those thousands of
files harbor spyware and other dreck. They take minutes to delete
but meanwhile the virus and spyware scanners spend endless time
scanning files that IE will never again touch. Software is
far more sloppy than it ever was; leaving any number of temp files
of any size, leaving behind setup folders of dozens of megs that will
never run again isn't uncommon. Hundreds of megs of junk but
where are the user's vital files? Personal email stored in a
proprietary format, in folders eight layers deep under a hidden

- John
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