Good news, bad news... Amiga News!

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Date: Thu Jan 20 20:55:32 2005

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> Roger Merchberger wrote:
> > If I get serious about the Amiga, I'll prolly invest in one of those in
> > the future; I *love* my IBM Model 'M' keyboards, it seems the Northgate
> I love my model Ms as well. :) I have an A4000 set up right now, right
> to me, and looking at the keyboard there are definitely some changes:
> keys are grouped F1-F5, F6-F10. No F11 or F12. There is a DEL and HELP
> where the normal 6-button cluster above the inverted T arrow keys would
> Numeric keypad has NOT numlock, /, *, - but rather "( ) / *". So I don't
> if a regular keyboard will work but you can always give it a try.
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The Omnikey Ultra had some extra keycaps that were use to represent the new
keyboard mapping used on the Amiga. I have never seen or know anybody who
has seen the Amiga keys that were shown in the manual (special purchase)
that would complete the conversion.

BTW Jim, if you run the site I have to say thanks for
putting that together, the Tandy 1000 Shrine that links off that page is the
reason I own an expanded Tandy 1000HX now.
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