Windows crashing, was Re: Bill Gates: Teen Heart-throb!

From: chris <>
Date: Thu Jan 20 22:26:50 2005

>Sorry, the mac mini doesn't serve my needs (I work with video and audio
>production, the stock mac mini isn't powerful or expandable enough).

Odd that you would say it isn't powerful enough... it is more powerful
then all but one model of the G4 that was released. It is equal to the
single processor Mirror Drive Door G4 Tower, and the Dual processor
version of that machine is the only G4 released that is more powerful.
And you can get a bumped up version that is faster then the single
processor MDD PowerMac G4 (but would still likely be beated by the dual
proc if you use an app that can use both procs)

Granted, if you are doing video work, I can see that even the fastest of
the G4's may just not be fast enough. But if that is the case, I assume
you are either after a dual processor G5 Tower, or you just aren't
serious about your video work (considering there is no match to it in the
Windows world.) :-)

Now... expandability... no doubt there, the mac mini is a Steve Jobs wet
dream in that respect.

(I'm not being a troll, really, I don't care what machine you use or your
reasons to or not to use it... I'm just poking fun at your claim that it
isn't powerful enough)

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