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From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Thu Jan 20 23:38:25 2005

Rumor has it that chris may have mentioned these words:

[[ My one and only comment in this thread, then I'll go back to arguing
about 2" floppy drives... ;-) ]]

>Granted, if you are doing video work, I can see that even the fastest of
>the G4's may just not be fast enough. But if that is the case, I assume
>you are either after a dual processor G5 Tower, or you just aren't
>serious about your video work (considering there is no match to it in the
>Windows world.) :-)

My 3-year-old Athlon MP box would beg to differ -- it took a couple of
years for Macs to catch up to *it*. Admittedly, it cost as much (if not
more) than a Mac -- albeit much less than a dual G5 -- but there's still
not many PCs that could hold their own against it nowadays. 3 years ain't
bad at all, especially when it's still near the top of the heap; and it's
been by far the most stable machine I've owned since my CoCo days.

Oh, and a buddy of mine ditched his dual G5 Mac after a *ton* of problems
-- so many that he finally got high enough into Apple to get a *full
refund*. He says his dual Opteron box kicks it's butt in speed and
stability (well, in Linux anyway... but 64-bit Winders ain't really there yet.)

>(I'm not being a troll, really, I don't care what machine you use or your
>reasons to or not to use it... I'm just poking fun at your claim that it
>isn't powerful enough)

[1] I thought the definition of a troll was someone who pokes fun at a
person or people to get a 'rise' out of them, especially whilst making
advocacy claims that clearly aren't true...

That said, I like Macs. Really, I do. OSX is getting much better now 
(improving much more quickly than Winders, obviously) and Apple's made some 
darned good hardware for a darned long time. My friend still likes his iMac 
(his wife's machine) and if I had to buy a machine for my wife tomorrow, it 
would hands down be the Mac Mini. (I don't -- her 1.4Ghz Athlon Shuttle 
running Linux does more than she'll ever need.) But Apple or their products 
are *not* perfect; let alone perfect for everyone.
And no -- the Mac Mini isn't serious enough for video work, and there are 
some darned good PC platforms that are.  'Nuff said.
Roger Merchberger
[1] That reminds me of the 2 hour pissing match my father-in-law and I had 
right after he said "I'm not saying this because you don't want to be an 
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