Apple Disk II Analog Board

From: Marvin Johnston <>
Date: Fri Jan 21 01:26:48 2005

Thanks Tony! The toroids are L1 and L2, and knowing they are 30 uH helps
out a LOT! Since they are colored yellow, I am guessing they are iron
powder. The application I have in mind is harmonic surpression on 80 M
transmitters; hate to see good parts go to waste :).

> > The Apple Disk II analog board has a couple of toroid cores on the
> > board; does anyone know what the permeability is, or better, what would
> > be the equivilent Amidon number would be?
> The official schematic shows 5 inductors :
> L1, L2 30uH
> L3, L4 470uH
> L5 68uH
> I guess you could count the turns of the existing windings, remmeber that
> L is proptional to n^2, and thus get the specific inductance (probably
> more use than the permiability) that way.
> -tony
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