Apple Disk II Analog Board

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Fri Jan 21 12:38:42 2005

> Thanks Tony! The toroids are L1 and L2, and knowing they are 30 uH helps
> out a LOT! Since they are colored yellow, I am guessing they are iron

Just to confirm (just in case the schematic doesn't match the board):

One side of L1 goes to the +12V input (pins 13,15,17,19 of the interface
connector), the other t opin 18 of the 3470 chip (It's the 12V filter, of

One side of L2 goes to the +5V input (pins 11,12 of the interface
connector), the other to the 5V pins on, say, the 74LS125.

Also, please remember I'm taking this from the manual, I've not put these
coils on a bridge myself. It's always possible there were changes.

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