2.5" floppy -- from what gear?

From: Joe R. <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Fri Jan 21 09:37:51 2005

At 06:14 PM 1/20/05 -0500, Scott wrote:

>I have a Zenith Minisport that I got at auction a few months ago. They
>always sell the laptops first at the IUPUI auction and I guess I have a
>reputation as a botton-feeder when it comes to old computer stuff. The
>auctioneer held it out, the last laptop of the day, and tried to get a
>few bids. Nothing at all. He said 'One Dollar' and handed it to me. I
>am glad that I've gotten them trained at that particular auction
>Mine has no power supply, and the 2-1/2" disk is jammed in it, and won't
>eject. I have another Minisport already with no diskette that also has
>no power supply. Is it normal for the disk to just retract when you
>push the button?

  The disk should pop out just like the disk in a regular 3.5" drive does.
I have an extra PSU that I can send you IF you have the connector for it. I
got two PSUs with mine but someone had cut one connector off of one of them
and put a five pin DIN connector on it. I can send you a 2" boot disk if
you like. NOTE: the disks are 2" NOT 2 1/2". Or maybe that's why your disk
won't eject! :-)


  That doesn't pop the disk out on my machine.
>I have a number of other 8088 Zenith machines from that era as well,
>that I've scarfed up for similar prices at earlier auctions. Some with
>internal hard drives, and the external power supplies. And a PC
>Convertable I got for a dollar with all 640K of RAM (which is rare with
>PC Convertables).
>I love those auctions, filled with clamoring fools who'll go home and
>try to install Windows XP on the Pentium II they paid too much for,
>while ignoring the good stuff.
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