HP2000 fans... alert!

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Fri Jan 21 14:02:26 2005

I have come across a stash of 12920/12921/12922 mux card sets. These are the
cards that are required to run pretty much any version of HP's Time Shared

I know some of you are working on getting up the dual CPU versions of
HP2000/TSB, but a lot of people here have just one CPU. These people could
get HP2000/E up and running - that version works on just one cpu, and no
special microcode is needed.

I know that the 12920/21/22 mux sets are pretty difficult to find, and as I
said, they are required. If you ever want to get TSB up and running you
should get in on this deal. Most everything else needed to put together a
TSB system is still fairly available, except these mux sets which are quite

The guy who has them will want real money for them. I suspect he will want
somewhere in the ballpark of $100+ bucks per set (it's a 3 card set). I'm
going to buy a set to use for a 2nd TSB machine, plus another set for a
spare. These cards probably wont be easily found again as they've all but
disappeared (to my knowledge). I don't believe his mux sets includes the
distribution panels, but the pinouts to build your own cables are well

If anyone is interested, please let me know off-list immediately as I'm
getting an order ready to snag them.

Jay West
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