Windows crashing, was Re: Bill Gates: Teen Heart-throb!

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Fri Jan 21 14:08:46 2005

Rumor has it that Gordon JC Pearce may have mentioned these words:
>Joe R. wrote:
>> They've all had their bugs, but
>>>most of the explications and some of the work-arounds are out there...
>> What's that? Buy a third party program?
>I have always found that the best of the lot is GNU tar. You get it free
>when you blow away Windows and install a real OS.

Scary to say, but I think this has been around over 10 years, so it might
even be ontopic... The program 'taper' makes a decent front-end to tar --
I've used it before & it does allright.

Text based, but uses ncurses. Rather a bit like a 'midnight commander' for
backups. ;-)

Offtopically, if you want to back up a machine to bootable DVD for
restoring, mondo works well.

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