Windows crashing, was Re: Bill Gates: Teen Heart-throb!

From: chris <>
Date: Fri Jan 21 19:03:58 2005

>>(I'm not being a troll, really, I don't care what machine you use or your
>>reasons to or not to use it... I'm just poking fun at your claim that it
>>isn't powerful enough)
>[1] I thought the definition of a troll was someone who pokes fun at a
>person or people to get a 'rise' out of them, especially whilst making
>advocacy claims that clearly aren't true...

Ahh, but I wouldn't fit that definition, because I wasn't trying to get a
rise out of you. I didn't expect a response.

And how dare you say my claims aren't true. They have to be true... I
mean the fact that I have no support AT ALL to back up my statement that
there is no match to the Dual Proc G5 in the Windows world... well, you
think I need PROOF?!? Selam didn't need proof to claim Linux caused the
popular rise of the internet... proof be damned... I'm right because I
say I'm right!


(note the smiley... the internet way to point out sarcasm, less you
honestly think I'm being serious above)

>And no -- the Mac Mini isn't serious enough for video work, and there are
>some darned good PC platforms that are. 'Nuff said.

Well, yeah, I can't actually argue there. Although I am planning to buy a
Mac Mini for myself specifically to do A/V work... but that's because I'm
poor, and a Mac Mini is a cheap upgrade from my G3 iMac that will let me
bump up a notch in tools.

Hey, wait, if I'm planning to use it, are you saying I'm not doing
serious video work?!? I'll have you know, not ALL my videos are
comedies... there are a few dramatic scenes of a serious nature in
there... how dare you insult my work without seeing it (normally insults
wait until AFTER they see it and can justify the comment in any number of
ways... I ain't gonna win no inde fest)


(note the smiley again... although I am really hoping to get a Mac Mini
to do better video work then I can with my current iMac)

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