Windows crashing, was Re: Bill Gates: Teen Heart-throb!

From: chris <>
Date: Fri Jan 21 19:11:41 2005

>I won't refute your argument, because it's like trying to argue against
>artifacts such as the Shroud of Turin: No matter what the facts, it is a
>religious artifact and is therefore impossible to disprove.

<sigh> See my reply to Roger.

Me thinks one too many people has posted on this list taking their stance
too seriously... now everyone just assumes that any strange far fetched
claims like I made are done for religious zealot reasons and not for pure
silliness. (come on, you don't REALLY think that I believe that there is
no machine that can run windows that can do better then a Dual Proc G5?!?
That would be an absurd claim... even IF it was true right now, of which
not only do I have no idea, but I seriously doubt that it is... by the
time this thread dies, some company like AlienWare will have released
something that makes it false)

Sometimes, when something seems absurd, it is just that, absurd, and
needs to be taken a little less seriously (I mean come on... I DID put a
smiley face after it! Jeepers, do I really have to put
<sarcasm></sarcasm> around my comments too?)


(once again, please note the smiley and just accept the fact that I'm
really not trying to bait you, I'm just having some fun... lets all have
a laugh, share some beers, and move on)

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