The DFWCUG DEc collection up for sale

From: Tom Ponsford <>
Date: Thu Jan 20 22:28:55 2005

The DFWCUG collection is now truely "on the block" and up for sale as a whole
Does anyone know what the asking price is?
I really doubt someone could put up the money for the whole collection, as
unique as it is.
My guess it will probably end up on with a variety of collectors (and I hope
I'm one)

The contact information is on the page as well as a lot of photos!

You may now go to the photos and commence salivating!

I don't think we will ever see a DEC collection again like this!



Al Kossow wrote:
> Pat has lost interest in DEC collecting. I spoke to him when
> I was down there a few months ago. Here is an exerpt from a
> mail msg from him.
> Since however, one of us, The famous John R. Wisniewski, from
> DEC, has passed away, and due to the economics in the present
> time following 911, when everyone lost so much money and the
> purse strings have become very tight, we are not able to continue
> to seek grants or raise funds for a permanent place to store and
> show these, so at some time in the future, the entire collection
> will probably be liquidated.
> --
> I will forward his current email adr through private email to
> Emanuel.

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