Windows crashing, was Re: Bill Gates: Teen Heart-throb!

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sat Jan 22 19:26:11 2005


[PPL disks and I2S Image processors]

> >And they're gettign on for 25 years old now, so they're
> > on-topic...
> This is not the vintage audio/video list, it's the vintage computer list. So
> just because something is vintage, doesn't make it on-topic :)

Considering they have a minicomputer to control them (often a PDP11, but
I think VAXen, HPs, etc were also possible, certainly the I2S Model 70
schemaitcs book has several host interfaces in it), I think they _are_
on-topic here. Or does 'classic computer' mean CPU only?

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