Apple monitor fit to PC?

From: Charles Blackburn <>
Date: Sun Jan 23 15:38:51 2005

I dnot know about those monitors, but I have an old 17 inch monitor from
apple that I use on another machine here (came with a 7200) I just use a
standard vga male-male cable and it seems to work fine. I've even driven
it to 1280x1024_at_60hz and it's as stable as the 17 inch I use on my other

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Subject: Apple monitor fit to PC?

  I have an Apple question. Can the newer Apple 17" monitors, with the
three legs and gray and white.clear case work on a PC as well. My
problem is that I bought one and need to test it, and I don't own and
Apple tower. I know some of the old PC monitors needed an adapter to
work on a PC, so maybe Apple monitors need an adapter too conversely
work on a PC. The monitor I have, has 15 pins and looks like the same
shape as on the PC monitors. I am afraid to plu it in and blow up
something without consulting someone who knows. I appologize if this is
a bit off topic, but maybe its ok since its an older mac. I don't know
what your cutoff year is.



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