HP 21MX toggle-in programs?

From: Patrick Finnegan <pat_at_computer-refuge.org>
Date: Sun Jan 23 18:30:26 2005

Jay West declared on Friday 21 January 2005 12:16 pm:
> Patrick wrote...
> > So, now that I've got a pair of HP 21MX machines sitting here
> > (thanks Jay!), I could use something to toggle into them to test out
> > the memory, or do "nifty things" with the frontpanel lights.
> Memory has already been thoroughly tested in those machines with HP
> diags :)
> There's a few toggle-in programs in the CE handbook. I believe it's in
> the "common data" section just before the diagnostics. Let me know if
> you can't find them (on bitsavers).

The next question: is there some sort of 'user guide' that shows how to
operate the frontpanel to deposit/examine values in memory, etc? I've
figured out how to get the program counter, and step through
instructions (and the run/halt switch), but don't really know what the
other registers/stuff is.

Thanks. :)

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