Looking for KA825 (VAX-8250/8350) CPU Card T1001-YA

From: Ethan Dicks <ethan.dicks_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun Jan 23 22:00:50 2005

On Fri, 21 Jan 2005 09:46:28 -0800, Robert Armstrong <bob_at_jfcl.com> wrote:
> The good news is that I recently acquired a VAX 8350 in good condition
> along with a back plane full of cards. The bad news is that, despite all
> the cards in there, the previous owner had removed the CPU cards (both of
> 'em, this being a dual processor machine!).

Ow! Sorry I can't help you... I have an 8200/8300 (slower CPU cards).
 It was purchased as an 8200 for $13000 (used) by a former employer.
I got to take it home eventually, picked up a cheap (for the early
1990s) KA-820 ($50? $100?), squared up the microcode, and made it
into an 8300. I have an RA81 and a 3rd-party ESDI/SDI box on it. I'm
trying to get an ethernet card of some variety (DEBNA? DEBNT? Can't
remember which one I have) working in it.

Got a KDB50 in it, a COMBOARD-BI (68010-based dual-serial protocol
engine for which I wrote the firmware and VMS driver myself), and a
*wad* of smallish memory cards.

While I wouldn't mine a pair of KA-825s, either, I'm also on the
lookout for any largish memory cards... I have a number of 2MB
modules, and my bus is full. I'm also trying to debug a couple of
DWBUAs. I have docs, cables, etc. I _might_ be having problems with
the UET board (Unibus Exerciser/Terminator)... but in any case, the
DWBUA module doesn't pass self-test.
All I can offer, Bob, is to answer questions about it, should you have
any... I don't have spares, except for a stack of COMBOARDs... unless
you for some reason wanted to talk HASP or 3780 from your VAX (and
under nothing newer than VMS 5.5 unless I were to update the driver),
it wouldn't do much good. _I_ have such a need (simple networking
with other boxes at my place), but most people do not.

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