Apple monitor fit to PC?

From: <(>
Date: Mon Jan 24 08:40:13 2005

> Apple made some 17-19" CRT monitors that are just standard
> SVGA-type things.
> If it's new-ish and has the same HD15 connector as a PC
> monitor, you should
> be able to just plug it in and go.

<Dave> Thanks, and here is the result. I did plug it in and it doesn't
work. Drats. Its makes a clicking noise, like when you are degausing a
monitor. Not a comforting sound. I guess I am going to have to find an Apple
to test it to be sure if the monitor is bad or good. At least my computer is
still ok. The screen I get is black, w/ no message at all. There is no "No
Siognal" message" that some monitors give, but the light is green on the
monitors button, like it is trying to work. Do you have any ideas?

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