Data I/O 29B help

From: George & Oksana Wiegand <>
Date: Mon Jan 24 18:42:01 2005

It is probably a Power supply problem, not supplying constant filtered
voltage or a heat sensitive part not in the power supply. Do you have the
schematics / documents for it?

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Subject: Data I/O 29B help

> I've got a Data I/O 29b with Unipak2 that is on the fritz. I thought it
> working, but it's not.
> It frequently reads chips right, then 60 seconds later reads different
> values with different checksums. It's sporadic. It never gives any failure
> messages (other than bad verify ram to device). It just doesn't get the
> right values sometimes.
> I'm not up on the internals/repair of this unit, nor do I have time at the
> moment and I need a working one ASAP.
> Would anyone on the list know a shop that does repair of these units? Or
> maybe be able to ship me a 29B and/or Unipak 2 so I can at least determine
> which major component is ba and get over this hump?
> Thanks for any thoughts/advice :|
> Jay West
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