MOS 6507 Tech Spec's

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Tue Jan 25 15:48:04 2005

I wrote:
> I'm looking for the Synertek 6516 data sheet, and Synertek technical
> notes 34 and 40. The 6516 was to be a 16-bit extension of the 6500
> family, years before the 65802/65816. Synertek published a data sheet
> in mid 1978, but the part was never put into production.

Hans wrote:
> Are you shure?

Not entirely.

> To my understanding, the 6516 was Magazin Vapour Ware.
> A red hering just brought up from time to time in various publications.
> I seam to remember an Micromag and an Kilobaud article, both mentioning
> that there is no evidence of such a CPU, and all is just whishful
> thinking.

That's not inconsistent with the idea that Synertek may have published
the data sheet and even a few tech notes. Many data sheets have
appeared for chips that haven't.

I never saw a data sheet or tech notes myself, but have heard claims
from other people that the data sheet did exist.

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