More auction goodies

From: Tom Ponsford <>
Date: Mon Jan 24 07:05:19 2005

Hi Folks,

Well, today's auction haul includes:

A Dec MV 3800 w/qbus scsi card (he-he)

An Alpha 1000


A functioning Tektronix 4051 Graphics system w/Data Communication Interface.
(circa 1976)

it also came with the RS232 Printer interface

and the following documentation:
  4051 Graphic Systems Operation Manual
  Plot 50 Introduction to Programming in Basic
  4051 Graphic System Reference
  Reference Guide to 4051 Basic
  4050 Series Basic Reference Guide
amd 4051 Option 10 RS232 Printer Interface guide

More information on this system can be found here:

What is really wierd is that I wrote some programs in Basic for this machine
in 1977 using some of the built-in vector graphics routines, when I worked at
the Defense Mapping Agency, now called the National GeoSpatial Intelligence
Agency. I still have the tape cartridge (200K !!) when I loaded the tape...
presto... instant retro memories. I even wrote some notes to myself!! ( Note
to Homeland Security and to anyone else reading this email..It was NOT



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