The DFWCUG DEc collection up for sale

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Tue Jan 25 19:38:31 2005

>>> > >>> Sellam Ismail Wrote:
>>> > >>>
>>> > >>>
>>> > >>> THE DFWCUG collection is nice, but it's not unprecedented.
>>> > >>> I wish their web pages gave more information about
>>> the collection.
>>> > >>> I doubt they'll be able to sell it all in one shot. If so,
>>> > >>> whoever buys it will surely part it out. If I had
>>> the money and
>>> > >>> time, that's what I'd do.
>>> > >>>
>>> > >>> --
>>> >
>>> > Evil pure and simple! (parting out a collection if it is
>>> not unavoidable).
>>> I really don't see any way around it. This wouldn't be the
>>> first time I was wrong about something, but it doesn't seem
>>> to me that this collection is very refined. There's a lot
>>> of hardware there, and as has been already pointed out,
>>> there is a lot of crap interspersed with a lot of gems. To
>>> find someone who's going to clean out every last module in
>>> one shot does not seem very likely to happen in this case.
>>> So either the terms of the sale need to change, or someone
>>> with a big wad of cash and lots of time needs to buy it all
>>> up, sort out the crap from the good stuff, keep what they
>>> want, and then dump the rest, either selling it off or
>>> hauling it off to the scrapper.
>>> Reality bytes.
>>> --


I know, my original response [included above] was rather "hardline". There
does appear to be "junk" [remember ones man's junk is anothers treausre]
from viewing the photos, and that could easily be split off. The worst of
all possible scenarios I can envision is someone managing to get the "good
stuff" at a low price and then splitting up systems or even selling off
working core plane as art.

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