The DFWCUG DEc collection up for sale

From: William Maddox <>
Date: Tue Jan 25 21:05:38 2005

--- "David V. Corbin" <> wrote:

> Sellam,
> I know, my original response [included above] was
> rather "hardline". There
> does appear to be "junk" [remember ones man's junk
> is anothers treausre]
> from viewing the photos, and that could easily be
> split off. The worst of
> all possible scenarios I can envision is someone
> managing to get the "good
> stuff" at a low price and then splitting up systems
> or even selling off
> working core plane as art.

I agree that the lot needs to be split up.
Ideally it can be bought by someone in the
collecting or museum community who can do
this in an appropriate manner. I suspect
there would be no problem finding takers
for the 8/I's, for example, sold individually.
I know of at least one individual who would be
interested in one, right here in this very room. ;)

Realistically, museums are always tight on space,
and even if their charter allows them to buy
artifacts in the first place (rather than accepting
donations only), there is way too much duplication
in this lot.

David: Yes, there is a special place in hell
for folks who turn working core planes into "art"...

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