Apple, Commodore, CP/M, Sun, misc. gear needs new home

From: Mark Davidson <>
Date: Wed Jan 26 17:51:18 2005

Oh man... that Auspex would be nice... I remember going to a Sun User
Group meeting in LA and meeting the rep from Auspex... Adobe used to
use a ton of their boxes.

Have you had any offers for the Tadpole?


On Jan 25, 2005, at 6:58 AM, Devin L. Ganger wrote:

> I have a ton of classic and not-so-classic computers and accessories
> to find new homes for. Since I don't have the time or money to ship
> any of this, you need to be willing to pick up in the Seattle, WA
> area. Most of this stuff at least powered up the last time I was able
> to get to it, although there are likely some TLC issues on most or all
> of them that need to be attended to such as missing RAM or hard
> drives. One of the C-64s doesn't power up and a couple of the color
> NCD terminals don't have monitors or have monitors that are futzing,
> but all of the base units works.
> Some of this stuff I'm willing to let go for free, some of it I'd like
> to see at least $5 for. And there are a couple of items (the Auspex,
> the Sun Ultra 1 and disk pack, the Apple IIgs, the Cisco router) I
> would like to get a bit more than that from. Especially the Auspex and
> the Cisco router.
> Please e-mail me with what you're interested in, how much you'd be
> willing to pay, and what your schedule is like. I don't usually have
> any time during business hours to try to meet people places, unless
> it's at my home in Monroe on one of the days I'm working from home.
> Evenings and weekends are best bet if you're not willing to drive to
> Monroe. If I have to drive a load of equipment somewhere, I'm probably
> going to want to charge enough for it to make it worth my while.
> On with the list!
> CP/M
> x1 Northstar S-100 CP/M chassis, expansion cards, floppies
> Apple
> x1 Apple IIe system + accessories
> x1 Apple III system + accessories
> x1 Apple IIgs system + accessories
> x1 Mac 256
> x1 PowerMac 7x00 system + accessories
> Commodore
> x1 Commodore printer
> x2 Commodore 64s + boxes of accessories
> x5 Commodore 1541 floppy drives
> Sun
> x3 Sun 3/60 pizzaboxes
> x2 Sun 3/80 pizzaboxes
> x2 Sun SPARCstation 2 pizzaboxes
> x1 Sun UltraSPARC 1 Creator 3D
> x1 Sun 6-disk external 68-pin SCSI disk pack, 6 18GB SCA drives
> Terminals
> x11 Wyse 30 dumb terminals
> x1 B&W 19" NCD X terminal
> x6 color NCD X terminals
> Routers, Network, Telco
> x1 Cisco 2516 router (48VDC telco power supply)
> x1 19" 1u serial/parallel print server
> x2 Fujitsu DSL modems
> x1 DirecTV DSL modem
> Specialty
> x1 Auspex NS 5500 (7' tall, 770 lbs!)
> This was a high-end server running a special form of SunOS 4.1
> using Functional Multiprocessing (FMP). Auspex tells me it is
> the only one in private hands that hasn't been traded in or
> scrapped. True classic computing lovers only need apply.
> YOU MUST PICK UP THIS ITEM. I *cannot* transport it. Bring a
> big truck or van and suitable moving/tie-down equipment and
> padding.
> Misc.
> x1 ZIP SCSI external drive
> x1 HP parallel external CD burner
> Assorted A/V switchboxes
> Assorted TDMA cellphones + accessories
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