Back on the list, with a request for help

From: William Layer <>
Date: Wed Jan 26 21:49:27 2005


I was on this list in the later 90's, but had since lost my link. Good to see you all, and hello to the new(er) folks.

I'm trying to repair an Altair 8800 that came to me in 'kit form'. I'm missing the original 256 Byte memory board, and several chips have been robbed from the chassis, including the 8080 CPU. This repair will take a while, but I have two main concerns:

        1) The control & display board has some missing chips and evidence of a burn-out in the far lower left corner. I'd like to know if there is a way to test the board for function prior to installation, as the installation includes some 70 or so wires. I'd rather not install this board only to learn that there was damage to the logic, that I failed to notice & repair. Also, can anyone supply me with an original Altair 256Byte memory board?

        2) I need an 8080 CPU for this machine; can someone supply me with one? Would be cool to have the original style ceramic/gold chip, but anything that will actually work is good. Is it possible to drop an 8080A into the Altair CPU board and remain compatible to the original 8080? I have an 8080A in an unused box.

I have good material to trade for these items, if available; let me know what you need / want. If you have any information, please send it to the list.


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