Back on the list, with a request for help

From: Randy McLaughlin <>
Date: Thu Jan 27 00:30:20 2005

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Subject: Back on the list, with a request for help

> Hellos,
> I was on this list in the later 90's, but had since lost my link. Good to
> see you all, and hello to the new(er) folks.
> I'm trying to repair an Altair 8800 that came to me in 'kit form'. I'm
> missing the original 256 Byte memory board, and several chips have been
> robbed from the chassis, including the 8080 CPU. This repair will take a
> while, but I have two main concerns:
> 1) The control & display board has some missing chips and evidence of a
> burn-out in the far lower left corner. I'd like to know if there is a way
> to test the board for function prior to installation, as the installation
> includes some 70 or so wires. I'd rather not install this board only to
> learn that there was damage to the logic, that I failed to notice &
> repair. Also, can anyone supply me with an original Altair 256Byte memory
> board?
> 2) I need an 8080 CPU for this machine; can someone supply me with one?
> Would be cool to have the original style ceramic/gold chip, but anything
> that will actually work is good. Is it possible to drop an 8080A into the
> Altair CPU board and remain compatible to the original 8080? I have an
> 8080A in an unused box.
> I have good material to trade for these items, if available; let me know
> what you need / want. If you have any information, please send it to the
> list.
> Thanks,
> Bill

The 8080A should work just fine (better) you could also use a 9080.

Rich Cini has a great altair site that includes his emulator:

My site has plenty of manuals also (I mirror Howard Hartes manual).

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