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From: Mike <>
Date: Thu Jan 27 07:07:23 2005

From: Joe R. <>

> VERY NICE! I used to have one of these but gave it to Mike Haas. I
> ALL of the ROMs and ALL the manuals for it including a lot of prototype
> ROMs and their documentation. Bug Mike to get the stuff scanned and posted
> somewhere.

Hell yeah. The '4051 archeleogoy dig' That was Gary Spense's (hope I got
his name right (looking for notes...)) personal machine. He worked for TEK
then and designed many interfaces for his 4051 though I'm not sure how many
made it into production. In addition to the Rom Expander, few 4907 drives,
and front-panel System Fixture, he made many interfaces (many prototypes,
some not) for prom programming, video digitizing, GPIB, serial, parallel,
rompack, IC analysis, etc... Plus lotsa roms and docs and prepreliminary
rough drafts and annotations of documents and spare parts.

- Mike
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