HP 21MX E-series front panel keyboards

From: Peter Brown <peterbrown10_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Thu Jan 27 07:10:52 2005

Thanks Glen, Jay and Bob,

I think that I now understand what's going on.

The system that the keyboard comes from is an E series machine but all of
the cards have been removed - it is quite possible that it at some time had
additional booster microcode boards so that would expain the extra front
panel cable.

What sort of microcode board would require direct access to the keyboard?

Bob - thanks for the kind offer of the 2113 chassis. I currently have a
couple of full size 2113's in almost working condition (thanks for your
continuing help on that one) my hope was that I could get a smaller system
working as well - hence the need for the short keyboard.

Glen - the document that you linked shows the problem quite well. What I
need is the PCA 5060-8343 what I have is PCA 5061-1343. The metal work
changes to convert a long front panel to a short one look to be fairly
minimal and are probably within my capability (injury estimate: 2 bruised
knuckles, a gash and some sort of deep graze)

I note from the circuit diagrams that the keyboards are basically the same
with the larger PCA having some addtional bi-directional buffering to drive
the additional keyboard outputs. I thought that I might be able to saw down
the keyboard PCA and discard the extra buffering bits but they seem fairly
well integrated into the rest of the PCA.

Does anyone have a spare 5060-8343 that they might be convinced to part
with? or failing that a whole front panel assembly for a 2105?

Thanks to all

Peter Brown
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