Back on the list, with a request for help

From: William Layer <>
Date: Thu Jan 27 08:14:11 2005

On Thu, 27 Jan 2005 00:30:20 -0600
"Randy McLaughlin" <> wrote:
> The 8080A should work just fine (better) you could also use a 9080.

Good to know; thanks.
> Rich Cini has a great altair site that includes his emulator:

Heh, it's actually through an email discussion with Rich (regarding Altair32) that I found my way back to this list. Rich seems like a kind and thoughtful guy, and his emulator will probably be of some great use to me in getting this 8800 back together.

I'm starting a project at and wanted to offer up Altair32 as one of the 'free' emulation softwares. Since I am leery of offering softwares of unknown license status (everything else there is GPL), I contacted Rich for a clarification of Altair32's license. He was quite forthcoming, and Altair32 now has an LGPL/BSD-ish type license.

> My site has plenty of manuals also (I mirror Howard Hartes manual).

Yes, I've seen your site as well, and downloaded some documents from it.

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