Is this an 1802 development system?

From: Mike <>
Date: Thu Jan 27 10:38:14 2005

From: Eric Smith <>

> I wrote:
> > That's the terminal and floppy drives, but neiher of those is
> > the actual development system.
> Mike wrote:
> > well it *is* the/an actual development system when the complement of
> > are installed.
> Really? The one I saw years ago at Weird Stuff, and the ones that RCA
> tried to sell me years before that, the computer was a box separate
> from the terminal (keyboard/display box).

Wait! I think you were right from the beginning.. I assumed that grey
fuzzy area of the pic said 'Development System' and not 'Cosmac Data
Terminal' which seems to also match something possibly mentioned in the
auction text too.... Sorry.

Still cool parts though, especially for a RCA CDS II, III, or monoboard
system... any cosmac... ;)

- Mike
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