HP7200A, HP7210A Plotter documentation needed

From: Ashley Carder <wacarder_at_usit.net>
Date: Thu Jan 27 10:59:22 2005

Does anyone on the list have any documentation on
the HP7200A or HP7210A plotter? I am getting an
HP7210A plotter today, but I don't have any documentation
on it. It looks exactly like the 7200A, but it appears
to have a few more knobs or controls on it, based on
the photographs I've seen. I'll know more when I
actually get my hands on it (tonight).

These plotters date from the early 1970s. We had
an HP7200A at Wofford College in the 1970s. Ours was
mapped to KB7: and we had numerous plotting programs
written in BASIC-PLUS under RSTS/E on a PDP-11/40.
I have copies of all the programs that we had for
interacting with the plotter. I just don't have any
info on hooking it up to the computer. I'm planning
on interfacing it to my PDP-11/40 via either a 20mA
or an EIA DZ11 port.

Thanks in advance for any insight or info that anyone
can provide.

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