Apple, Commodore, CP/M, Sun, misc. gear needs new home

From: Devin L. Ganger <>
Date: Thu Jan 27 12:05:08 2005

on 1/26/2005 7:07 PM Dave Dunfield wrote:

> I emailed the O.P. (I received the list from a friend a couple of days
> before it showed up on cctalk), to ask if I could talk him into shipping
> to Canada (I would of course pay costs), and did not receive a response -
> I did note that his posting to cctalk explicitaly stated that he might
> be willing to ship another item "within the US only" which suggests that
> he may have received and considered my request....

I have been positively swamped by responses and have not had a chance to
work through them all yet. I'm trying to go in chronological order on
items unless there is someone local interested -- the less we have to
mess with shipping the better.

If I haven't responded to you yet, be assured I'm working my way through
the backlog and will get to you.

Devin L. Ganger <>
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