Apple, Commodore, CP/M, Sun, misc. gear needs new home

From: Dave Dunfield <>
Date: Wed Jan 26 21:07:44 2005

>> x1 Northstar S-100 CP/M chassis, expansion cards, floppies

der Mouse then said:

>The major problem is I'm in Canada - and that's the reason I'm writing
>to the list: is there anyone who'd be willing to field the machine and
>reship it to me in Montreal? Of course, I'd pay for the shipping
>involved, and add in an amount (to be negotiated off-list) to Devin for
>the machine.

I would dearly love to get the NorthStar system (sentimental reasons)...

I emailed the O.P. (I received the list from a friend a couple of days
before it showed up on cctalk), to ask if I could talk him into shipping
to Canada (I would of course pay costs), and did not receive a response -
I did note that his posting to cctalk explicitaly stated that he might
be willing to ship another item "within the US only" which suggests that
he may have received and considered my request....

If anyone would be willing to help us poor Canucks retrieve some of this
equipment, I would be interested in participating - I am located near
Ottawa, which is close enough to der Mouse that I can visit him on a
weekend ... If we can get the material to either of our locations, it
would be greatly appreciated! ... Can anyone help?

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