Data I/O manual sought

From: Jay West <>
Date: Thu Jan 27 20:44:10 2005

Someone wrote...
>Which adapter(s) do you need the manuals for?

LogicPak 303A-V04, part number 950-1942-008
351B-086, part number 715-0004-001
351B-103, not sure of the part number
303A-011A CMOS/BiPolar-PLD PTA, part number 716-0045-007
303A-012 PTA, part number 716-0047-003
303A-009 PTA, not sure of the part number

These are items I recently got, and have no manuals for.

Also, I'm looking for a "recent" version of firmware for my 29B. Can anyone
copy theirs for me? I'll gladly pay for the parts & shipping & your time!

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